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Absolutely fabulous!

This review is for the service rather than the actual app. I love the idea behind storytel of a single subscription plan with unlimited access to all books. The only way it could get better would be if there were more titles to choose from. But its already great.

The Netflix of audiobooks

A bookworms paradise :)


This is not available in USA

Great content and functionality

Great content and functionality. The app is clear and easy to use.

One Star

One star for annoying me with a prompt to review the app.


I have been waiting for this app my entire life, and it doesnt disappoint! Only thing I miss is a bookmark function for when you accidentally press play when youre phones in your pocket.. Otherwise the best app I have!

Great Interface...

... og mange gode bøker. Great interface and lots of good books.

wish they got more titles

I love this app, the only way to hear Swedish books spoken but Id like to see more books available and speakers with nicer voices. but I cant complain really, I was thrilled this existed at all

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